iPin Spatial Ruler

    The world first ever laser guided iPhone camera ruler

    Magic of the laser: new experience of distance and space

    Simply by a laser spot, iPin Spatial Ruler makes your iPhone into a quick measuring tool. No complicated calibration for every measurement; get the distance or length wherever the laser dot locates in a single shot; measurement is never easier than ever.

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    Convenience of carrying? iPin is the solution.

    Don't want to carry a tape measure in your pocket? You bet! iPin Spatial Ruler still utilizes patented "hybrid earphone plug" for keeping it inside iPhone's earphone jack without affecting phone functions. Measure whenever you need it with no burden at all.

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    Save, share and recalculate;

    Experiencing the new measurement in CLOUD ERA.

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    Save and share the measurement results with your family or colleagues. Simply using the iPin Ruler App, your friends can see not only your measurement results, but also measure the other place in the same image.



    You can also take advantage of the "shot first, measure later" design to facilitate your work by saving your measurements in "Editable" format. Retrieve the images in iPin Ruler App, then get the measurement data back in your office. What an innovative way of measurement!




    Now, let's get one iPin Spatial Ruler and

    iPhone7 series (and later)solution - MagHolder

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