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Troubleshoot iPin laser lasing issue

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Troubleshoot iPin laser lasing issue

Please Check the following 3 items:

1. Make sure your iPin laser is inserted completely and turned to ON position.

★★ iPhone 7, 8, X series need to work with MagHolder,

please make sure iPin is properly installed as shown below:

2. Make sure the "Volume Limit" and "EQ" are both set to "Off".

3. Make sure the "Mono Audio" is set to "Off", and the volume balance is centered.

- Note:

1. Sometimes background App occupied the audio output from the headphone jack. So if the above 3 items are all set but the laser is still not emitting, then please try to remove all the background Apps or restart your iPhone.

2. Avoid pressing the "volume down" button. Make sure the volume is always at the maximum.

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