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How to report the measurement error?

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How to report the measurement error?

Some users did not know that you can report the measurement error by using the built-in “Report Error” function of the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro App.

The following steps will show you how to use this function.

1st. Turn on the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro App on your mobile phone. After the iPin red logo page, you will see the picture below on your phone screen.

2nd. Tap the “Setting” on the lower-right corner.

3rd. The following picture will appear on your mobile phone screen. There are several functions and options. You can select the Font Color, Automatic Save, Date/Time Watermark, and Skip all tutorials and guides. You can also either check the Manual, read the FAQ, or report the error.

4th. Tap the “Report Error”

5th. The e-mail on your phone is then turned on as the following, with the user log attached:

Please briefly describe your problem or issue in the mail.

The last step is to tap the “send” button. This email will send the user log of your iPin Laser Pro App back to our support center, and we will be able to analyze the usage and feedback to you in email.

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