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What are we thinking

Light, the most beautiful creation of God, was made on the first day of creation.
Lasers are equally mysterious, whose brilliance can only be made through careful human design.
Its perfection and purity is breath-taking.
Its power and radiance is stunning.
We are irrepressibly moved, moved by this that arouses such passion in us to share with you its wonder!

Who are we

After working hard in the semiconductor industry for many years, most of our members not only have a deep understanding of the technology, but through years of accumulated experience have become captivated by this wonderful piece of technology, the laser.

We are constantly thinking about what kind of laser optoelectronic products can cleverly bring users a more convenient, precise, and unique experience in both work and everyday life.

Minimization potential is one of the great things of optoelectronic components. In the major trend of rapid popularization of mobile devices, we saw that the perfect combination of a treasured object and mobile phones where at hand!

However, to see things that are not seen by others is not what makes iPin unique. Instead, we refused to take ordinary shortcuts, and chose the difficult road towards excellence. In our first product, we abandoned the standard earphone jack that has been used for decades and modified it from top to bottom. With ultra-precision processing, we have minimized the laser, lens, and circuitry in the hollowed 3.5mm earphone jack to deliver an exceptional product beyond imagination. This has also set the tone for iPin’s future development.

To be exceptional is not only what we expect from ourselves, but is the drive that pushes us towards our goal.


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